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World Championships 2010 - Media post. [26 Mar 2010|02:47pm]

Ok guys, under the cut are Brian's short and long programmes from Torino along with any interviews/press conferences/medal ceremonies I could find on youtube. Enjoy!

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World Championships 2010 - Men's Long [25 Mar 2010|10:20pm]

Hey all.

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If Anyone missed it, I'll upload his programmes tomorrow. Hopefully everything will be on good old youtube by tomorrow. x
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World Champs 2010 Men's Short. [24 Mar 2010|04:28pm]

Hell to the YES.

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EDIT : Interview


Worlds 2010 [23 Mar 2010|02:58pm]

Ok guys so tomorrow is the start of the Men's competition at the 2010 World Championships in Turin. Brian is skating in group 8, the last group, somewhere between half past 4 and 5 o clock in ITALIAN time. I'm afraid I am no use with time zones, so I have no idea what time that is anywhere else. I'm sure there are time converters to be found.

So, good luck to Brian. Hopefully he can finish the season off well. Enjoy!

Olympics Vancouver 2010 [19 Feb 2010|04:56pm]

Hey guys. Sadly Brian didn't do well at the Olympics this year.

The good news is that I've heard he is going to aim to skate until 2012 and end his career on a high, hopefully by winning the Worlds in France 2012. Hopefully he'll figure out what he has to do for then.

If anyone is interested, here are a few articles about Brian and some of his comments about his performace in the Olympics. Some are rather damning to be honest, but that's the way the media works I guess.




Best of luck to him! He remains my favourite in the field and I'm sure he'll get it back together! :D xx
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Olympics 2012 - Men's Short [17 Feb 2010|11:09am]

Under cut incase anyone is waiting to see it

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Brian fanvideo [03 Feb 2010|04:24pm]

Well, what a failure of a moderator I have been. Since I last posted anything I've left home and am now in my second year of Uni at Edinburgh! Hope you're all good...if you're still here...

Anyway, to make up for my failings, I've made a Brian montage for you all. I'm pretty damn proud of it!

Let's all get behind Brian for the Olympics. Come on boy! xxx

p.s If you are still around, pop in and say hi! :D

Yaaay! [24 Mar 2007|06:27pm]

Ok, everybody I haveen't updated this in a while, I know, I'm bad, but I do think we need to say CONGRATULATIONS to Brian for his recent victory in the World Championships 2007! yaaaay! Hoooraaaay! :D Go Brian!
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[07 May 2006|02:11pm]

Hello people! I have a question for you all. What is your favourite costume that Brian has worn?
I think mine is actually the Matrix one, especially in the exhibitions where he has the cool long coat aswell! :D

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Hi!!!!!!! [05 May 2006|03:00pm]

The official Russian forum of a talеnted French skater Brian Joubert!You are welcome!

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First post! [04 May 2006|02:25pm]

Hello everybody! Welcome to the community! Hopefully it'll be fun! As a present to start us off, I give you a montage I made of Brian last night! He's so nice!


Enjoy! xx

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