_ithilienranger (_ithilienranger) wrote in joubertfans,

World Champs 2010 Men's Short.

Hell to the YES.

YES! Ok, so here's the deal people. After the short programme, Brian is lying in third. That's excellent, but it's not the point. He skated so brilliantly, so much more like himself and it was lovely to watch. He was so happy, he looked less tired, more confident, it was great to see.
As far as I know, Takahashi is in 1st and Patrick Chan is in 2nd. Takahashi skated really well and so did Chan, but I actually thought Brian might take over him because he did the quad...and I liked his programme better...sooo...
Anyway, the main thing is that Brian skated brilliantly and he seems much happier than at the Olympics. He's just got to bring it in the long programme.(Sorry for being so overexcited by the way :D )


EDIT : Interview

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